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Explore Beyond the Trees Avondale
Beyond the Trees Avondale Beyond the Trees Avondale

Living History

Beyond the Trees Avondale
Explore Beyond the Trees Avondale

walk the rooms of avondale house

You will be soon be able to step back into Avondale House that was home to the Parnell family and get a taste of life on a 19th century country estate.

The guided tour of Avondale House will allow you to walk the rooms with the eleven Parnell children played, and join Fanny and Anna in planning a women-led agrarian movement or hear Charles Stewart Parnell, Charley to his family, practising his speeches from the first-floor balcony.  It will introduce you to the champion of trees Samuel Hayes and give you a taste of life when Avondale was a pioneering forestry school.

No tour is the same and you will never forget your time At Home With the Parnells
The Avondale House experience will launch early 2023.

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