Explore Beyond the Trees Avondale
Beyond the Trees Avondale Beyond the Trees Avondale

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Beyond the Trees Avondale
Explore Beyond the Trees Avondale

The climate and biodiversity emergencies pose the greatest challenge facing humanity.

As Ireland’s largest landowner, Coillte is in a position to deliver solutions that help restore nature and improve the integrity of our life support systems.

All of Coillte’s forests are sustainably managed and independently verified as such by the FSC© (Forest Stewardship Council) and PEFC© (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Scheme). As an integral part of sustainable forest management, 20% of Coillte’s forests are managed primarily for the protection of wild species and habitats. In addition, in 2019, Coillte launched a not-for-profit division called Coillte Nature to deliver large-scale solutions focused on making a contribution to addressing the biodiversity and climate crises.

Coillte Nature uses ecological best practice to restore, regenerate and rehabilitate nature across Ireland, through close collaboration with internal and external partners.

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