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Beyond the Trees Avondale Beyond the Trees Avondale

Embrace the Magic of the Night with Treetop Night Lights at Beyond the Trees Avondale

When the sun sets and the stars begin to twinkle, something enchanting happens at Beyond the Trees Avondale. We’re thrilled to introduce “Treetop Night Lights,” a captivating nocturnal adventure that unfolds among the majestic trees of Avondale Forest Park.
Running from Saturday November 11th, 2023 to Sunday January 21st, 2024, this enchanting event allows you to explore the forest canopy under a display of twinkling lights meeting a cast of light animals along the way. It’s a winter adventure for all ages and abilities, offering breath-taking views, beautiful light installations, and a chance to embrace the forest at night.
Join us daily from 4 pm, and don’t forget to stop by the Seed Café for winter treats! 🎄✨
For all the details and online bookings, visit Treetop Night Lights or book here
Can’t wait to See you there! 🌟 🍂
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