Explore Beyond the Trees Avondale
Beyond the Trees Avondale Beyond the Trees Avondale


Beyond the Trees Avondale
Explore Beyond the Trees Avondale

Avondale Forest Park has trees of different types and different sizes.

There are over 100 different types of trees in Avondale consisting of native trees like Oak and Scots Pine mixed with other broadleaved trees such as beech and a wide variety of conifers. There are very tall trees (spruce), gnarled old trees (yew) and smaller trees, all mixed in together. Beneath the trees, the ground floor is covered with a range of forest plants and an undergrowth of shrubs, all of which provide cover for ground-dwelling birds.

Forests with this kind of diversity are attractive for wildlife because there are nooks and crannies that provide cover and food source for a range of wildlife: insects, birds and bats. The old stone wall, once part of the former estate, also provides habitat for insects and bats. The stones warm up in the sun and the gaps between are excellent hiding places during the day.

Some of the larger mammals that can be found at Avondale include different kinds of deer, badgers, otters, red and grey squirrels, pine marten, hedgehogs and rabbits.  Of the nine kinds of bat that are found in Ireland there are seven found at Avondale including the common and soprano pipstrelle, Leisler’s, Daubenton’s, brown long-eared, whiskered and Natterer’s bat. The old buildings and clearings amongst the trees make excellent places for bats.  There are also a wide variety of different birds that make Avondale their home.  Some of the more distinctive types include the great spotted woodpecker, the kingfisher, the red kite and the long-eared owl.

Explore Beyond the Trees Avondale

There is a long list of tree species found at Avondale including both evergreen and deciduous varieties and native and imported species.  The history of Avondale has led to it having a host of different tree varieties and the Arboretum is home to some champion trees.

Keep your eyes peeled when visiting Avondale and you sure to see some fascinating plants, birds and animals. You can learn more about the trees, wildlife and flora of Avondale Forest Park by booking a walk on the Treetop Walk.

Avondale Forest Park is covered by the Biodiversity Area Management Plan for South Leinster and Coillte also has a Forest Plan for Avondale. You can read more about the history of Avondale Forest Park here.

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