Explore Beyond the Trees Avondale
Beyond the Trees Avondale Beyond the Trees Avondale


The historic red brick walls in the large Walled Garden were known to retain the heat of the sun, enhancing growth and providing shelter for the fruit and vegetable garden that originated here over three centuries ago when the estate was known as Hayesville, it was re-named Avondale Estate in the 1770’s.

Beyond the Trees Avondale
Explore Beyond the Trees Avondale

Following a sensitive redevelopment, the large Walled Garden has been re-imagined and nowadays it is a relaxing contemporary garden designed to connect visitors of all ages with the beautiful natural surroundings. There is a lot of variety in the large Walled Garden, including both recreational and planting areas.

The large Walled Garden is home to a state of the art children’s play area and the Seed café outdoor dining terrace. There are garden benches positioned throughout the garden for our visitors to relax and enjoy the great outdoors.

Just as the gardeners in the Parnell’s era would have done, our dedicated culinary team grow and harvest seasonal crops here in the fresh vegetable beds throughout the year, along with an array of fresh herb which is subsequently used here at the Seed Café to inspire our seasonal menu.

Don’t forget to refill your own water bottle here at our water station, helping you to stay hydrated and helping us to support environmentally friendly practices.



The estate was known as Hayesville, until it was re-named Avondale Estate in the 1770’s.

Walled Garden


The adventurous, state-of-the-art new playground has been designed by children for children, thanks to our dedicated young project managers who were empowered to contribute their play expertise to this project.

They have selected play equipment to enhance their favourite play experiences which include climbing, swinging, sliding, spinning and hiding out.

The playground features a Wizard’s Hideaway, a Jungle Explorer Rope Pyramid, a Wizard’s Double-height Tower, a multi-access Carousel and of course slides, swings and see-saws all providing plenty of activity for the little ones, along with indirect learning opportunities.

Children will have so much fun here playing, exploring and making new friends in a safe outdoor environment. Meanwhile, parents can relax over a coffee on the deck of the Seed Café, watching over them from nearby.

Walled Garden

Sensory Garden

When the Parnell children were growing up here the small walled garden was used by the servants of Avondale House to lay out linen to dry and bleach in the sun. It was known as the “laundry garden”. Today instead of being a hive of activity it is home to our sensory garden, a calm, welcoming open space for visitors to relax and escape.

It is designed to promote maximum engagement of the five senses and to provide an interactive experience with nature for everyone. Stimulation of the senses is courtesy of both the plants and materials in the garden that engage the sense of sight, smell, touch, taste, and sound.

This garden is designed to be beneficial to both children and adults especially those who have sensory processing challenges, including autism, physical disabilities, and dementia. Visitors can focus on one sense or incorporate all of them and time spent in the sensory garden is extremely therapeutic.

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