Explore Beyond the Trees Avondale
Beyond the Trees Avondale Beyond the Trees Avondale


Standing amid a grove of eucalyptus trees on the edge of the historic Great Ride at Avondale the Viewing Tower reaches 38 metres into the sky and can be seen peeping above the trees on approach from Rathdrum.

Beyond the Trees Avondale
Explore Beyond the Trees Avondale
Beyond the Trees Avondale Beyond the Trees Avondale

It is a marvel of timber construction using innovative glulam beams – an engineered wood product that equals the structural strength of steel – and the most modern methods of building with wood.  The wood in the Viewing Tower (and the Treetop Walk) is Irish with many of the trees coming from right here in Avondale Forest Park.

To reach the Viewing Tower you must first follow the treetop walk – from the tunnel you emerge at the foot of the tower.  The spiral ramped boardwalk rises slowly through the forest never exceeding a gradient of 6 degrees which makes it fully wheelchair and pram accessible with resting points on each level. As you move upwards keep an ear out for the Great Spotted Woodpecker family who nest in one of the nearby eucalyptus trees.  You may also see other wildlife and plant life and you will certainly see new vistas from the ever-increasing heights.

  • 38m

    Above forest floor

  • 360°

    Views of Wicklow

Beyond the Trees Avondale

After 10 gentle circuits you will reach the circular viewing platform at the top of the tower with 360° panoramic views over Avondale Forest Park, the Vale of Avoca, the Wicklow Mountains and beyond.  You will be looking down on the tops of some of the mightiest trees in Ireland from this vantage point. You may also see Red Kites overhead – they have been reintroduced into the area and are thriving in Avondale.  Don’t forget to take some photos but hold on tight to your phone or camera.

To continue the adventure, take the option to whizz back down to earth on the giant spiral slide inside the Viewing Tower.  Alternatively continue back down the ramped boardwalk to the forest floor once more.


  • The slide is an optional extra activity that costs €2pp payable at the slide.
  • Due to unprecedented demand we are currently experiencing long queues (2hrs+) during peak times.
  • In wet or humid conditions the slide needs to close for health and safety reasons.
  • The slide is fun but it’s an additional extra on top of the core features of the treetop walk – the amazing views, the astounding architecture, getting back into nature and learning about local history, wildlife and the environment.

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